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My Why

My name is Doug Robertson. I am the Chairman and President of the nonprofit Miracle Food Network(MFN). MFN is the outcome of divine circumstances that placed me with others in the crosshairs of the fight to free disadvantaged people trapped in poverty. Not only have I witnessed the pain of circumstantial poverty, I live near and listen to other communities, leaders, families, and friends struggling with the consequences of injustice intended or not. I feel convicted and compelled to do something to change this paradigm. MFN is the place for me to join the fight.

I’m a “baby boomer”, a product of the ‘60’s revolution. Some of my “boomer” friends are Veterans of Vietnam, served in the Peace Corp, or are wrapping up successful careers soon to be retired and off with the flock of snowbirds headed south. Our meal conversations now often start over how are the kids, grandkids, co-workers, vacations, etc. Somehow though we end up on the topic of how you, we, and I are helping versus hurting the ones around us we know and love. There is a new sense of urgency thumping in our boomer chests as we ponder how many days are there left to tip the scale to the “help” side farther than the “hurt”. Funny how at our meal encounters we share and debate how to best finish our race. Food is the attraction, but people are the solution. If the food is good, they will come. That’s when positive ideas form and foster.

So that’s what MFN intends to do with passion and purpose. We believe good food well prepared and served graciously in safe environments fosters conversations. The topics are endless, the variety of people and ideas bountiful, and the amount of surplus food available is staggering. Enjoying food with friends or stranger always enlightens…the something I didn’t know before. It’s so easy, so necessary, and opportunities abound. Whether Boomer or Millennial, I hope you will join me, MFN, and others as we use our time and talents at full force with purpose in the days and weeks ahead. Let’s start treating each other with good food, conversation, and respect to find and make a positive difference in our spheres of influence.
Bon Appétit

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