Meet The Board

Miracle Food Network President Doug Robertson

Doug Robertson


Through his life Doug often found himself in the role of service within his career and community. After years of writing and testing operational business theories, Doug decided to deliver new innovative approaches collaborating with nonprofits and for-profit organizations to help disadvantaged people suffering unnecessarily. He now leads the nonprofit development and strategy of the Miracle Food Network, as it fights the battleground of hunger, poverty, homelessness, and hopelessness across the United States.
Cramer Board of Director Miracle Food Network

David Cramer


David Cramer has a huge heart for helping. With over 20 years of financial advising, David adds his ‘candle power’ to any endeavor to help structure projects to become more viable. In his spare time, he has developed and successfully tested a “Veggie Handout” in Ventura California for his disadvantaged neighbors sourcing surplus produce from the Borderland Food Bank in New Mexico.. David brings invaluable insight and experience to not only Miracle Food Network strategies and direction, he also brightens our days with his sense of humor.

Miracle Food Network Micah Nickey

Micah Nickey


Micah Nickey is passionate about changing the course of poverty. He grew up surrounded by the abject poverty and despair of tribal members living on Plains Indian Reservations. Micah discovered his path out of his surroundings and is committed to lead others to more healthy and productive lives. He has an extensive background coordinating with diverse populations in the areas of employment, education and community programs. Micah is a respected resource for State and Tribal governments as well as Fortune 500 companies in the areas of training and development, regulation and compliance, professional development, and inclusive environments for Children, Individuals with disabilities and Native Americans with Disabilities. Miracle Food Network is grateful for Micah’s perspective and contributions to our mission.

Tom Crom of Miracle Food Network

Tom Crom


Thomas Crom has over 25 years experience in capital fundraising, public and private start-ups, restructurings, international operations, investor relations, technology, sales and natural resources. His experience in corporate governance, taxation, accountability, and public disclosure brings the knowledge, skills, and ability to make Miracle Food Network a sustainable and reliable platform. Food waste, pollution and climate change are his top concerns. Tom believes Miracle Food Network’s simple concept can make a difference by redirecting edible food away from landfills and connecting it to those in needs.
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