"To interrupt, intercept, intercede, convert, and distribute food surplus and waste to transform and impact lives in communities that face hunger, poverty and other life altering crises."



Miracle Food Network (MFN) supports communities fighting hunger and poverty through safe haven support, meals and nutrition, labor force development, and other services.

MFN takes a holistic approach to restoring communities. We start with meeting basic needs like food and shelter. Beyond survival basics, MFN builds job opportunities for people whether underemployed, unemployed, or unemployable.  We help people challenge their dependencies so they can stabilize their lives and households. MFN links human resources to local needs and beyond.

We empower individuals  faced with hunger and poverty to lead healthier, more productive lives overcoming their cycles of dependency.


Miracle Food Network (MFN) serves communities that welcome us. In Ferndale,  Washington we accomplish this by sponsoring Jesus Christ Chief Cornerstone Ministry (JCCCM-Lummi) capacity improvements on the Lummi Reservation

We utilize the support of community members and the resources they provide in order to attack hunger at one of its root causes: poverty. With the help of local corporate donations, MFN facilitated showers, restrooms and other service connections for JCCCM-Lummi facility improvements. We continue to actively serve this community as they help their members heal, restore, and renew their lives and families. 


MFN’s goal:  share our model and lessons learned to communities similar to JCCCM-Lummi.  MFN is committed to help more front line fighters combat hunger and poverty at its source across the U.S.. We are determined to make a difference where it counts.