Welcome to Pioneer Place

Miracle Food Network is excited to announce that we have moved into our first ever permit location in the City of Ferndale called Pioneer Place!


For longtime local residents, this space may bring back some nostalgic memories

– When was the building built
– Who was in this space with old pics

Currently, Miracle Food Network has been working alongside the property owner to renovate our new site “Pioneer Place” to serve the residents of Ferndale and Whatcom County. During the weekdays this space will be used as a central food hub where food is gathered from our donors and then sorted and packed into boxes that go to local families in need. Our new permanent site will enable us to increase the number of families we serve and provide the community with a safe place to make personal connections with others. In the future, Miracle Food Network hopes to host community events such as movie nights, live music, cooking classes and more.

If you need food, would like to volunteer with us, or would like a tour of Pioneer Place please email admin@miraclefoodnetwork.org or call 360-656-5468.

Pioneer Place Address

5611 3rd Avenue, Ferndale, WA, 98248​

Pioneer Place Food Operation Hours

Monday through Friday 10am to 1:30pm

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